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Bio-1 is now Bio1Stop

Bio-1 has built a tremendous network for the Central New Jersey region, enabling the region to achieve success in:

  • Exciting young people about the bio-sciences, especially focusing on underrepresented groups.
  • Creating a consortium of biotechnology educators from the K-12 through university levels that have facilitated smooth career pathways through articulation agreements, mentoring and professional development.
  • Transforming graduate education with the development of professional science master’s degrees that integrate business and science, and interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in biotech areas.
  • Increasing bioscience workforce development with education and training opportunities. Remaining flexible to changes in the economy, Bio-1 has offered many opportunities for displaced biopharmaceutical workers and Fort Monmouth employees to get retrained for new opportunities that would allow them to remain in New Jersey.
  • Enhancing linkages between education and industry through internships, cooperative education and mentoring. The career portal on our website was designed to show the real deal about what the jobs are in the industry, where to get the training and education that might be required, and then match talent in New Jersey with opportunities.
  • Facilitating globally competitive “biobusinesses” by encouraging collaboration between business and education, supporting bioscience start-ups and leveraging existing global networks.
Find out more by reading the Bio-1 Final Report, and click here to see what’s next for Bio1Stop.
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