Organization Asset(s) City
ADM Tronics, Inc. Rapid prototyping
Vaxinnate Corporation Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccines Cranbury
Rutgers University Computer-based microarray data (DNA), libraries Kendall Park
Rider University LCMS (ESI & APCI), GC, NMR (300 MHz), X-Ray (Powder) Lawrenceville
Rutgers University Wet labs, clean rooms, molecular biology labs, biochemistry labs New Brunswick
Rutgers University Wet labs, microscopy, flow cytrometry, cultures, culture counters, molecular biology, biochemistry New Brunswick
Rutgers University Animal labs, rat labs, in vitro cell culture New Brunswick
NJ Institute of Technology Windows version of dynamic clamp, an arbitrary waveform generator and even a software chart-recorder, oscilloscope and digitizer Newark
NJ Institute of Technology Comp lab, genotyping arrays, wet lab, libraries Newark
NJ Institute of Technology Custom machinery, tissue culture equipment, wet lab, incubators, hoods, molecular biology lab, biomaterial processing, autoclaves Newark
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