Nervous System Injury and Repair - NJ Institute of Technology

Contact Information
Contact Name:    Dr. Bryan Pfister
Phone:    (973)596-3401
Address:    University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102
University:    NJ Institute of Technology
Department:    Biomedical Engineering
Category:    Therapeutic
Mechanisms of extreme axon stretch growth, Axon transport and assembly, Nervous system injury and repair, Mechanisms of traumatic brain injury, Applied biomaterials and tissue engineering for spinal cord and peripheral nerve repair, Nerve-biomaterial interaction, In-vitro and in-vivo models of nerve injury.

Natural form of axon growth that occurs through stretching, repairing traumatic injuries to the spinal cord and other nerve tissue, development of a nerve-tissue interface that would allow for a thought-controlled prosthesis that would behave like a natural limb

Asset(s):    Custom machinery, tissue culture equipment, wet lab, incubators, hoods, molecular biology lab, biomaterial processing, autoclaves

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