Multispectral Transillumination Imaging of Skin Lesions for Early Detection of S - NJ Institute of Technology

Contact Information
Contact Name:    Atam P. Dhawan
Phone:    (973)596-5442
Address:    323 Dr Martin L King Jr Blvd., Newark, NJ 07102
University:    NJ Institute of Technology
Department:    Electrical and Computer Engineering
Category:    Healthcare, Imaging, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Diagnostic
Malignant melanoma, Noninvasive optical imaging techniques, detection and analyses of the morphological changes associated with tumorigenesis, subcutaneous pigmentation, increased blood flow (angiogenesis), Multispectral Nevoscope

Multispectral transillumination imaging, the detection and characterization of skin cancers through the volumetric analysis of selected chromophores such as melanin, oxy-, and deoxy-hemoglobin

Stage of Clinical Trial:    Phase I
Asset(s):    Optical Imaging Lab
Asset Desscription:    Optical multi-core fiber-optics and multipsectral imaging equipment
Additional Information
Opportunities:    Collaborations for pathology validation.

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