Research Category Research Topic Organization Contact
Genetics Molluscan genetics and aquaculture Rutgers University Ximing Guo
Genetics Environmental and applied microbiology, biodegradation and... Rutgers University Max Haggblom
Genetics Risk communication, social perception of biotechnology Rutgers University William Hallman
Genetics Plant and fungal virology, fungal molecular biology,... Rutgers University Bradley Hillman
Genetics Flavor chemistry and technology, natural antioxidants and... Rutgers University Chi-Tang Ho
Genetics Biological and environmental factors that promote obesity... Rutgers University Daniel Hoffman
Genetics Turfgrass stress physiology/biotechnology Rutgers University Bingru Huang
Genetics Novel functional food, nano- and microencapsulation of... Rutgers University Qingrong Huang
Genetics The non-energetic functions of triacylglycerol (... Rutgers University Ariel Igal
Genetics Plant-environment interaction, controlled-environment... Rutgers University Harry Janes