Research Category Research Topic Organization Contact
Chemical Pharmacetical product and process design, Powder processing... Rutgers University Fernando J. Muzzio
Chemical Porous and nanostructured materials, Statistical mechanics... Rutgers University Alexander V. Neimark
Chemical Plant cell culture, chemical and biochemical fiber optic... Rutgers University Henrik Pedersen
Chemical Process Systems Engineering, Process Control, Process... Rutgers University Rohit Ramachandran
Chemical Gene silencing technologies, nanobiotechnology, systems... Rutgers University Charles M. Roth
Chemical Polymer electroprocessing, structure-property relationships... Rutgers University Jerry Scheinbeim
Chemical Multiphase fluid mechanics and rheology, nuclear magnetic... Rutgers University Nina Shapley
Chemical Molecular dynamics, thermodynamics and statistical... Rutgers University M. Silvina Tomassone
Chemical Kinetics of food extrusion, integrated cell culture and... Rutgers University Shaw S. Wang
Chemical Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Rutgers University Steve Anderson