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Global Company Incubation

Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies Receives International Honor

The National Business Incubation Association, known for being the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship, has again awarded the NBIA Soft Landings International Incubator designation to the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies (CCIT) in North Brunswick N.J. Dedicated to life sciences and biotechnology companies and offering the most wet labs in the state for incubation, CCIT is one of the most significant incubation facilities in the nation.

Achieving the designation has placed CCIT as one of just 16 business incubation programs in the world that have earned this recognition. The NBIA began the program in 2005, and, since the soft Landings designations are effective for two years, programs must reapply for continuing designation. This is the second time CCIT has received the recognition. The Soft Landings designation recognizes an incubator’s focus on welcoming non-domestic firms into its domestic market with translational services, commercialization support, access to capital, domestic market research, and other programs. Pascal Yvon, President of BioSciences Expansion, a company that helps global companies come to New Jersey has recommended CCIT to companies for these very reasons.

Donald Shatinsky, Manager for CCIT is pleased that CCIT has again received the designation, and notes that it differentiates them from most incubators when it comes to international business opportunities and has given them a global presence.

For a copy of the full press release, click here.

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