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Resources for Educators/Trainers

curricula at your finger tips

Short-term training programs

MCCC Curriculum on Foundations of Clinical Research & Study Design

  • Module 1: The Course Description, The Grading Rubric, Curriculum Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Module 2: Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Development
  • Module 3: The New Drug Development Process
  • Module 4-9: History of Good Clinical Practice Regulations
  • Module 10,15,16: Financial Disclosure, Audits and Inspections, Serious Adverse Events
  • Module 12a: Protocol Development
  • Module 12b: Protocol Development Assignment
  • Module 13: Introduction to Outcomes Research
  • Module 14: Quality of Life

Click here to download all of the modules above

MCCC Curriculum on Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Research Coordinators

  • Module A: Introduction to the CRA/CRC Roles
  • Module B: Overview of the Clinical Trial and Protocol
  • Module C: FDA RegulationsRegulatory Documents
  • Module D: Privacy Overview Basic Principles of Privacy
  • Module E: Investigator Qualification
  • Module F: Pre-study Assessment Visit
  • Module G: Comparative Trials
  • Module H: Interim Monitoring Visit
  • Module I: Close-Out Visit
  • Module J: Audits and Inspections

Click here to download all of the modules above

American Chemical Society Training on Jobs in the Pharma, Biotech, and Green Industries

  • Example Resume
  • Workshop Presentation
  • Leader Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • Green Job Descriptions
  • Career Counselor’s E-learning Module

Raritan Valley Community College Successfully Launched BioMan

Putting WIRED Funds to Great Use: Raritan Valley Community College’s BioMan Partnership

Bioscience Bootcamp

Through a consortium including Brookdale Community College, Monmouth County WIB, and Fort Monmouth Resource Center, a “Bioscience Boot Camp” course will be developed. The target audience will be Procurement, IT, Regulatory and Project Management professionals who are currently employed by the federal government at Fort Monmouth.

Here are the downloadable module outlines:

  • Module 1: What is Science?
  • Module 2: How To Survive In Alphabet Soup
  • Module 3: History of the Food and Drug Administration
  • Module 4: Introduction to New Drug, New Biologics and New Medical Device Development
  • Module 5: Overview of Pharmaceutical Development and Current Good Manufacturing Practices regulations
  • Module 6: Overview of Supply Chain Management Systems and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative
  • Module 7: Computer System Validation and FDA Electronic Records and Signatures Regulations
  • Module 8: Breaking Into Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and More!

Click here to download the compressed ZIP file containing all 8 modules


NJ Marine Science Cluster Report

Click here to download

Curriculum, Syllabus and Resource Materials

  • University of Miami – Graduate Level Oceans and Human Health (OHH) Course with PDFs and other materials available of University Oceans and Human Health website. Powerpoints of lectures with audio voice-over of all the lectures available on DVD – contact Ms Julie Hollenbeck ()
  • University of Southern Mississippi – Oceans and Human Health – Graduate Level Course Syllabus
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa – Ocean and Human Health – Policy Seminar
  • University of Georgia, School of Public Health – Georgia Oceans and Human Health Initiative
  • Oceans and Human Health – Course Syllabus
  • World Ocean Observatory – Curriculum Catalogue – A compendium of links to ocean educational content
  • Ocean Literacy Network – Ocean Literacy Framework
  • National Geographic – Xpeditions – Lesson Plan; Grade 3-5, The Ocean and Human Medicine
  • Rutgers University, Haskins Shellfish Laboratory – Promoting Oyster Restoration Through Schools (PORTS)
  • Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute – The New Haven Oyster Industry and Water Quality, (Grade 9-12)

Other Resources

  • Harvard Medical School: Center for Health and the Global Environment – Healthy Ocean, Healthy Humans
  • NSF/NIEHS Centers for Oceans and Human Health
  • Centers for Oceans Science Education Excellence – Network to nurture collaborations among research scientists and educators to advance ocean discovery and make known the vital role of the ocean in our lives.”
  • Oceans and Human Health: Risks and Remedies from the Sea (Academic Press 2008)
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